the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

I find myself longing for your hugs.


leave me alone,
i’m broken and hurt
i’m scared of having feelings
just stay away from me
it’s better for both of us this way

..and the sad thing is we don’t get to choose who stays in our lives, people decide for themselves.
— (via kimpoyfeliciano)

I am very glad I met you. Even if we didn’t last forever, even if we cannot be together anymore. I’m glad I’ve had you once in my life. You’re the best lesson life has taught me. You’ll be my forever soul mate, maybe not my forever, but at least, my true love.

Everyone’s heartbroken nowadays, but I mean, we all just gotta move on. What’s the point of reminiscing when you know the person is no longer worth while; when they’re no longer who they used to be? When their heart is somewhere else? Do you think they still care for you, still sit there thinking about you? Because frankly, they don’t.